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5 advertising industry trend

  The so-called mobile advertising through mobile devices (mobile phones, PSP, Tablet PC, etc.) to access mobile applications or mobile Web display ads and forms including: images, text, commercials,toshiba tablet html5, gravity sensing advertising. The advantage of positioning.

Google vice president Karim mobile advertising? (Karim Temsamani) 12 月 19 in 2011 released the official blog mobile advertising market review, pointed out that the five major trends in the industry, the main as follows:1, all mobile

Smart phones and tablet PCs are becoming more deeply integrated into a consumer's life, and in every corner of the ever-changing consumer communication and business communication methods. In addition, the market research group Ipsos has also made some investigations: 79% of smart phone users use mobile phones to assist the daily shopping, 70% of smartphone users in the store shopping will use mobile phones, 77% of smart phone users use mobile phones contact the company directly or indirectly.

2, moving to change the shoppingConsumers can use these mobile devices anytime, anywhere access, the body will go to smart phones and tablet PCs with both the immediate service and convenience.acer tabletIn addition to using mobile devices directly in the online shopping, shopping in the store that people will shop by way of mobile search. This year's "Black Friday" shopping season began, the number of mobile devices shopping search up over 200% over the same period last year.

 20120104151734281_477 3, the mobile advertising services to improve pipelineThanks MRAID advertising interface standards and the improvement of standards of HTML5, mobile advertising service pipeline has improved, businesses and consumers in the mobile advertising platform to more easily exchange existing advertising tools "on the move" is not available or lack of drivers.

4, gradually leading the trend for Tablet PC

Tablet PC usage trends gradually, people use Tablet PC shopping, entertainment and the media consumption, the Tablet PC is the most frequently used at night time. Compared with December 2010, November 2011 Tablet PC network access grew by 440%. Tablet PC market has great potential, not only because consumers are increasingly inclined to use the Tablet PC shopping and payment, but because compared to a single platform, multi-platform advertising campaigns more effective.

5, the mobile platform of choice

Smart phones and tablet PC is a new technology equipment, and desktop using the form is different. This year, there have been many companies began to promote their business on mobile platforms, mobile platforms and sites specifically set up advertising campaigns, many enterprises have had good results.

The above is Karim?  summary of the five mobile advertising market trend. In addition, Berg Insight also on the mobile advertising market to do some research, 2016, in every seven will have a digital advertising from mobile devices. Mobile advertising will account for all the world media advertising spending of 3.8%. 2016 global mobile advertising market will reach 22.45 billion U.S. dollars.

Of course, the traditional forms of advertising are still popular, advertisers preferred or TV ads, followed by magazines, newspapers, Internet, radio and so on. However, as mentioned above, the trend, others were moving, what kind of ads will be favored by advertisers do?

So, this piece of Blue Ocean in mobile advertising, the companies want to stand out is not so easy. Currently, the worldwide mobile ad fill rate is very low, and then those such as the iPhone and Android developers,
samsung galaxy though they have high traffic, but the click rate is very low. Q3 to see the various systems worldwide hits.