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accompany me till

Unfortunately isn't you, accompany me till the last
Month last top of tree, the person invites evening behind.Stand still in winter at the mid-night of hope ex- green jade in the door falls under the starlight, withered leaf dances in the breeze and small and softly tastes this disconsolate cold idea, the in the mind always has already grown unspeakable benignity and probably chase oneself icebound too long, poly bag manufacturerthe in the mind has already loved up thus of poor, just as that lonesome, as time passes become a kind of latent instinct.

Think of that year winter, the whole sky seems to be all to be full of standing alone of flavor, things of the past one re-appearing of act act in at present, recall to also go to with the clue.Think of we mutually love of beginning, thought of the final outcome that we mutually leave, smiling of my self-ridicule, originally we are true of even the traces have never left and even connect the final outcomes of story all drive silent act for, and leave behind of also just an unsettled old things of the past is just.

Along with years in a hurry but die, it has been a few spring autumns since unconscious then led, now of I have been misty the concept of feelings, stand down all the way, innumerable of distress, numerous lonelinesses,
fashion jewelry gradually soak through me that weak figure, occupying of prison prison my atrium.QQ daily record

Love ascend standing alone, enjoy lonesome, this again need much more several distress at third hand then can settle a space, no one will intentionally of pursue solitude, also no one naturally like lonesome, in addition to helpless still helpless, helpless drive lonesome influence gradually, helpless drive standing alone decay, only because I again have no the strength resist.

Boundless huge, the at the beginning young figure has already been buried by the vicissitudes of life and leaves whose scar, piercing in former days of simplicity.Look up at a deep night sky, this sad feeling thinks and like that note sort that jumps about, change into fragrance that oozes person's soul to postpone in the heart bottom Man, deeply dead silent therein don't wish to wake up.

The spring goes to a winter, the Tao exerts a wave flower the dream is difficult back, where mutually meet, where is a limits of the earth.Chew you give of memory, the tears ever seemed and returned to eye socket, if this road had no end, make that come and gone of breeze, brought back the time in past to me, faced setting sun to drift on water limits of the earth.

The years slowly flows, time lightly walks, not Xiao, eastern dew white, a night like this past, be morning of the first sunlight stab into my eyes of time, that ache of felling is thus of very clear, unbearable of shut worthy of a look, allow that painful of the tears without restraint float in the sky in the face.Hope that pale facial appearance in mirror, a put on to print eye socket of tiny and red, under the refracting of sunlight seem to be so of bewitchingly beautiful, dye the corner of view the one is blood-red.__Network emotion daily record_unfortunately isn't you, accompany me till the last

Hence once loved so, the young heart was all put on by that blood-red color influence gradually.Probably, what I want is just you of commitment, collect as treasure this memory of mine.But for, you proceed without hesitation like this of turn round, don't head, stay to my just repeatedly feel pity of the taste of felling and painful.

The time browses the story in the brain,
hong kong restaurantsthe lighting of spring day already from the sky spread to the utmost, how much disappointed bloom in the season like this, for remembering fondly you, I integrate into the bise of Se Se and blow painful I run aground between the heart of request,to stay also blow awake my soundly asleep at remember falling of deep place red.

But when I again see your gentle and soft time, we seem again several years of old friend sort, put the Xu of bosom to say that once ordered intravenous drop drop, unique dissimilarity of BE, again don't reply that year of green puckery with tender feelings.

The listenning you is that fixed and unchangealbe voice and hope you are that smiling face that acquaints with to arrive inside, the feeling keeps in mind the the tacit understanding for hasing long time no see of ours, seeming all of everythings so runs its course, and seeming to be originally should be a such sort and has already been settled a space by the years.Just I know, at present of the act however is water month mirror to spend just, the drama is finally a drama, ignore how process is of fascinating, how final outcome is of don't give up, till the last all difficult escape to is over of purdah.

Usually think, if you can accompany me to once walk together ground old sky of Huang, so I should be what happiness.Usually think, if your ability companion I smile together the seas dry up and rocks crumble, so I should is how again of good luck.Unfortunately isn't you, accompany me till the last, standing alone of I writing and firework that can learn a habit, run about is companions, a line of pen and ink of line eventually buries I.QQ personality daily record

Again step on to drift on water of advertise for a distance, just the road up no longer have you of keep company with,
wedding dressesthe sunlight of winter days brings back me the time in past, ever of you have already been not by the side of my body, the elegy that leave a figure of loneliness, take breeze, the wave vestige had no dead-end road at this up ……