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Again lead many

Again lead many years after, can you forget love?
The wiping of this present life that the Buddha says that the previous incarnation 500 times returns to Mou to just change shoulder but lead, how much person devout of believe in, wholesale jewelleryand then have how much person wipe a shoulder but dided not meet againCan say everything all good luck

Have no together of try very hard to think together, together also just each spread limits of the earth
You what kind of once fantasized love, you again how once in the illusion of love of enjoy happy and sweet, again again what kind of cook lead the love fell in pieces of moment, finally end again what kind of thin forget, safely life
Did you forget?Do you remember love to lead?You remember the life ever what kind of did someone keep company with?Cable Manufacturer

I am to really believe that you learned strong, I am to really know you have much equanimity safely, I am to really and really understand, otherwise, again how?

This is the living Qian rule, you do very very very goodly and no longer need love and no longer need someone keep company with, in the daytime like dark night quite, seem to remember to only have so 7, 7 didn't recall to once meet any further after who, once took place what

So much good, much good!
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You are a model, the world isn't all persons' models that do need love, I should forget as you, as you calm quiet and peaceful
Just such I whether can break to settle have you already forgotten love?
Such as if such, that why do you always don't lift to the feelings word?You no longer happy smile, are you quiet and peaceful but always grieved?Meet a lot of persons who love yous but one by one brush-off, you does the very strong but usually gloomy absolute being harm?
You still remember love BE?You persist to determine devout broken up, you are still waiting for love weighing back you BE?
MH heat exchangerYou think want ~only enough sincere, the love definitely regards with affection you BE?

But you see, love's hurting you is sneering at you have much weak in character?It has no feelings, it just once came and just allowed you to once walk a road, in addition to this is to let your with cuts and bruises all over chief criminal
Things change with the passage of time, shoulded let go of in the past be not?You are clearly clear, why still make oneself walk into place of doom?

You say that you have never returned road to destine solitude, that is not is can no longer because of love but solitude?
You treat feelings thus, innocent Yu not An current affairs, whether so can walk farerly

I understood my own road to eventually get I to once walk, regardless good and bad, just we are clever people like clever people, you thus cruel I as well pain not the desire living

How should re- step on another itinerary?How again should of forget ever what kind of warm surround?

You go toward ex- run about!Continue to postpone that road …have how far much dark, like from is it
Again excessive year of, many years,
Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger much arrive can not reckon how many annual rings, you can really forget and really no longer remember, then like fish life, freedom comfortable, happy
But remember 7 only, 7 later on, and then is another new beginning
The freedom is comfortable, happy