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bodhi good luck

100 Tai jewelry"bodhi good luck" serieses relive to feel grateful state of mind
Recently, cabinet sale of 100 Tai jewelry"bodhi good luck" series products, and be subjected to consumer'ssouth sea pearl  fancy.Along with Mid-Autumn Festival of close by, "bodhi good luck" series waits rich contain to feel grateful a cultural product to become a consumer to express benedictory emotion to consign to the parents or the kin friend.

100 Tai jewelry"bodhi good luck" serieses are given birth to the title lord of tutor, Huang Wei Ling, by the university professor of Chin Hua, Doctor to create, 100 Tai close dint of designer creates but become,pearl jewelry follow use to have the bodhi of deep origin with Buddhism traditional culture in order to design a chemical element, is in shape breaking a general jewelry craft, adopt a net to draw up, the Lou is empty with truth or falsity mutually living of the heart form linden shape, inform only US$ decoration of mother's love feeling knot."Bodhi good luck" derives from the heart of 100001000 childrens and use a softhearted feeling bosom mother's love, inform children with the true gold to the blessing of mother and tie down.

"Bodhi good luck" series is totally divided into 《bodhi Buddha 》, 《linden 》, 《bodhi heart 》3 style, with the special gold language, inform the earnestness of mother's love with unselfish, for feel grateful a mother to dedicate previous and warm but the wish of earnestness.Among them 《bodhi Buddha 》take linden as model, smile the noodles bodhi Buddha dish Be sat to a linden on, the pleased joy is leisurely, the good luck is satisfied."Bodhi Buddha" protects to bless a mother to keep off pain and sufferings and disaster, satisfied from cradle to the grave, rich and honored peace and health;《Linden 》the whole shape is a heart type, the head is thin to grow tail, appearance magnificent Wen Wan.Symbolize the mother's beauty, leisurely.The product combines handicraft to draw up, the only beautiful Lou is empty and satisfactory and realistic, implied meaning mother and child the thick feeling of sweet idea, also expressed the feeling to the thanksgiving of mother's love;《Bodhi heart 》with linden and dish button up in order to design a chemical element, the adoption is empty and solid of contrast,
wholesale fashion jewellery changing of line and noodles Huan, bright and sand of reflect the Chen make the product presented a visual effect with smooth circle."Bodhi heart" is diligently informed a mother to conceive sons and daughters of great and unselfish, express an of mother and child the blood is thicker than aqueous natural affection.