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charming dance

Hips can be said to be the female body is a key part of the MM, sedentary office, Xiaobian teach you seven hips the method reducing weight, let you practice charming dance! Please try it!
The seven movement health action and charming dance
Hip slimming method: climbing stairs
Climbing stairs is a very good method for thin buttocks, stair climbing movement can exercise to the gluteal muscles on both sides, let you tighten the buttocks. Work can walk the stairs, the stairs into a habit of life, for those who don't love movement MM, is a good fitness method.
Hip slimming method two: Yoga
Yoga can be well molded body shape, to don't love out of MM is a good choice. Because the yoga on site requirements is not high, not on the floor can practise yoga. Want to thin buttocks MM, can be specialized practice is thin buttocks of swimming movements, has free time at home to practice more, can achieve the aim of thin buttocks, can also exercise, very good.
Hip slimming method three: high leg movement
Primary school physical education class, do leg lifts sports a lot of people have tried! In fact, for the hip big MM, every day high leg exercise is also a good method for thin buttocks. High leg movement can effectively exercise into the gluteal muscle, reduce hip formation So every day we get up, can make five groups of high leg, each of two minutes, after a week, you'll find out your hip muscles.
Hip slimming method four: wear high-heeled shoes
Many women like to wear high heels, high heels can make women look more than high, but it can also exercise to the hips. According to the United States to study, wear high-heeled shoes to walk the women would not consciously collect buttock, thereby effectively make hip muscles. Want to thin buttocks Meimei, can wear high heels walking 30 minutes every day, there will be an unexpected effect.
Hip slimming method five: choose the right food
Medical research, the new supersedes the old. If our body is not good, will be easier to hoard the body water and fat accumulation in the waist, hips will become big. Want to own hip lean down, we want to eat on. We should eat more fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, can reduce constipation. Unsaturated fatty acid to replace saturated fat, I can use olive oil, fish, flax seed oil, walnut oil instead of animal fat, but also allows us to reduce the hips. You can also eat fish, compared to other meat, fish are low in calories, and can promote the new supersedes the old., strengthen the body fat consumption. So I suggest to thin buttocks MM, from eating more attention.
Hip slimming method six: thin buttocks movement
Standing against the wall on the right side of the body, or to maintain balance. Lift left foot, with his left hand and grab your ankles. In the body to maintain balance condition, carry left buttocks, knees together again, hold for 30 seconds. Each of the legs is repeated two times. Nothing in the home, can do more, this practise for half an hour every day, intermediate tired can rest. This exercise a week will find their hips becomes more intense.
Hip slimming method seven: thin hip dance
Love dancing friends can learn Latin dance, Latin dance hip twist action, can be a good exercise to their hip muscle, promote fat consumption. And the Latin dance movements are graceful, the hip line extension, extension have a very good effect. Can help you create the perfect hips line.
Seven hip slimmingsolar wafer method has been taught MM Oh, remember to practice training Oh, charming dance oh!