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cloud gobbled

The dark cloud gobbled up ray of light
Rain of the window outside Xi Xi Li Li keeps ringing, for a long time didn't hear rain voice of this sweet, the in the mind easily unfolded, quite.In order to there is once the raining season of to think of, reluctant to part with.That day, that night, that a moment and that for an instant, melt historic hate, sparked ten thousand sort feelings ……

BE, wonderful music slowly starts to move, a continuously the fine drizzle brush past eyebrows and once wore hair Shao, kiss noodles to be detained, satisfiedly float Sa in succession, slowly stretch out hands to hold up, a drop per drop, overflow full center of palm of hand, slide past finger tip, slightly and slightly sink into.That every drop is very salty, solar cellvery puckery, once dripped atrium, the pain-suffering of Se Se, can not bear.The Que goes in of is a this present life things of the past, what to leave behind in former days distresses, what to be getting more motley is thick to remember fondly feeling.This is so-called of, can not bear of light life?

Rain got rid of to walk summer of blazing hot, brought an autumn of cool fragrant, autumn of lingering charm beginning slowly condescend to come spread.In the tonight, how silent, naturally, birds' twitter and fragrance of flower, the low language confides to.The moon silently hid and listenned confiding to of rain, the whisper of bird, don't reluctant to part with for the past days, drink just for the tonight colourful!

The autumnal rains is whistling, rain always silently comes in the night, the tender feelings of Qian Quan, silent low language.The breeze is late blow gently and flutter in the breeze under, withered Huang's leaf in succession satisfied float to fall, the golden lousy Man of a ground per ground.Fluttering in the near the bank of season is fragrant and move oneself's dance into the most beautiful breeze Fan, let I also feeling Wu to fade is also a kind of unique beautiful.The bell in autumn slowly starts knocking to ring and once in a very long while and in the sky drifts a response, creation knock awake soundly asleep once in a very long while, send forth to make what person thought of fragrant in everywhere.

The breeze late takes a pure cool idea, along with influencing gradually of twilight that is a kind of very gorgeous Qi Chu's United States, I such and suchly persist, thin forgot the magic power in autumn, applause to rejoice for the advent of the autumn.Who, lay waste a remembering fondly of summer,solar water became popular the Xia in autumn to think, lightly composing one the song was romantic and spend snow with your breeze for night, lightly moving dance.

The setting sun disappeared, the twilight was more and more heavy, a full sky of roseate cloudses became light blue, and Lin Yin of the afar was like a row row giant and stared at the earth in the dark night!The cool night breeze is slightly blown and kisses noodles to feel a special sweet.

In the morning, the spot is motley the sunlight refuting once wore Lin Yin to tilt to one side but descend and shone on in the veranda, clear but lucidity, the leaf flutters with the breeze, graceful and charming, float soft charmingly feminine, be like a skirt of young girl to put, float satisfied, have no and match in excellence.The bird leaps to jump in the treetop of flee around, keeping singing of the Ji Ji Zha Zha, a pair of pairs, 1 rightness to of with boundless joily fly around, rush toward to beat a Xi drama, they also clap hands to drink for the approach in autumn colourful.

The quarterly quarterly changes in succession, you of the shadow doesn't always and never appear, the limits of the earth hopes to break and also hides however think of bitterness.One Lian Lian mournful tears, sad sadness.Next courier station, where will you drive onto?

You of continuing thin language, linger around an ear side, tiny bring an in fine threads warm.The asseveration that believed you holds the hand, the good luck settles whole life one a life time, think that oneself led long this present life happiness, you of one word is a , the tender feelings airtight language, the words of "keep the hand of son, is as old as son Jie", silently have no escaping of an interest, that is just flashy and fade in the atrium early early comedown!Put next is the regret of this present life!What to keep in mind Chuai is in former days sweet.Only wish gentleman heart my heart, settle not to take to long for.Inset oneself excessive imagination, ignore future road to still need to walk how far, I still expect sunlight bright and beautiful spring.

Lie in bathing the moonlight bed of dim moonlight, the thoughts and feelings flocking in endless waves is aery everywhere and erode each inch atrium and allow it dimensionless extend to spread.
solar ingotThe night there are a few starses in the gray night sky stretching forwards to explore a brain quietnessly and come out to order some glow-in-the-dark, the moon wears shuttle, on the prowl in the bank of clouds of Yin Ai, but suddenly concealed suddenly now, the dark cloud gobbled up the last silk ray of light and covered with the earth.