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Comfortable sleep

Find it funny, often remind friends, should sleep early at night, tired day should go to bed early, this day will have the mental work! Despite this, although I know all that, but I can not do it, will still stay up very late! Is it right? Funny?Last night about nine thirty closing the shop back to my dormitory, want to work go to sleep early, but feel a bit hungry, Poly Bags Factoryis probably the dinner did not eat it, the fact is that! In order to console myself, also comfort stomach, will go to buy something to eat, so as to make up for dinner on the stomach! Listen to people say, the night is best not to eat, will rest, stomach and intestines to rest! It so much, I just know, life is alive, should be their own good points, was tired, hungry will eat!Winter, winter is hate, hate the winter to do! Take a shower to wash clothes is! May have used, used every day to take a shower, wash clothes! Although it is hate in the winter to do these things, but I still have to do, just like eating, sometimes no appetite, but how much they have to eat a little, because do not eat will be hungry! But also found, take a shower to wash clothes than eat much more complicated, the meal can eat, but take a shower to wash clothes can not only wash the half! Also because of this, my clothes when not worn, but washed many times, wash of color, also can not wear! This may not be able to blame the poor quality, all cannot afford this!When finished, I can put all reassuring sleep?

If I hadn't missed, if no care, if not before the habit, maybe I can really put all reassuring sleep! But the fact is not so, I am sure that I have, and so do not go to sleep!

Will as usual, open the DVD inserted earplugs, quietly lying on the bed and listening to the music, in addition to singing, everything was strangely quiet, static to doubt yourself alive. Is it right?! Listen to the song, and then gradually fall asleep!

Identify themselves in such a person, because had been accustomed to!
I got used to the present life, you said that had been so! That's OK. But sometimes also very confused, wondering what can how long, whether can also continue to wait! Time goes by, the respective age also is in constant growth, thought also in unceasing change,Office Furniture Limitedeveryone will have their own ideas, or leave to continue, or is left to wait, a choice is only a result, will not be identical, so it is important to choose!

I am not sure that I wait for that person, not sure is it right? Can accompany oneself to go to the end! I just feel very good, someone let me heartbeat! Like the first listen to a new song, began with a melody that makes me feel good, let me heartbeat, let me have a strong desire to continue to listen, listen to the song, very good, since it was worth hearing a hundred times! Such as" my dear"," as" the two song, listen to you all the time, update the songs, the two songs will always stay! His injury was not much, I just love these songs to express feelings, let the imprint is engraved on my heart!

Dopey sleep, wake up is almost zero, see a friend is online as a greeting, asking how she still can't sleep, are things? She says no, but by the time would sleep! I, silent!

I'll sleep when, for sleeping? I really can not understand! Maybe she is looking at what you are quite old, young people, Medosansometimes thought is permissible, but there are gender differences! A girl's mind really is very complex, I think, so it is difficult to discern!

Was talking, and then went to sleep, put aside all the comfort sleeping, is the end of the day, another day!