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Many passages, according to his assessment

There have been many critics of these works over the centuries and many were silenced by nervous Vatican authorities that feared the probes into their authenticity.blackcurrant The Christian faith which commenced following the formation of the Catholic Church depends on this book for revelations about its Prophet, Jesus Christ.

Loisy, writing in 1950, noted that the sketch of Jesus is meagre in Mark and that both Matthew and Luke were constructed upon its story. He also noted that Mark has the overtone of an invention with a style that does not ring true. He further assessed that Although many veterinarians sympathize"Mark was absorbed almost entirely in Matthew" with slight changes of the material. Finally he notes that it could be the book of Christian law conceived upon the 5 books of Jewish law and that it is not "of great antiquity".

Argyle, Lecturer in Divinity, wrote in 1963 that Matthew reproduced 90% of Mark while Luke reproduces 60% of it. He posits that 13:54 to 19:1 is about church administration. That most certainly was not known prior to 4th CAD as Jerome was responsible for it. Many passages, cherrypit according to his assessment are unique to this Gospel and they especially deal with Peter and the Church. He concludes that the purpose of it is to guide the function of the Church in worship, discipline, ethical conduct, and missionary activity. Further it contrives to erase doubts or questions that might come from followers.

One of the most telling things about the lack of authenticity comes from Grant, a Professor of the NT and Early Christianity (University of Chicago). He posits that the work was written entirely in Greek and that the quotes within are derived from the Greek translation of the Septuagint. This is the work that Jerome claimed to have completed in a letter to Damasus,chrysanthemum528  the bishop of Rome. If the works were authentic then surely they would have passed down in the Aramaic language that the Apostles supposedly spoke.

There is little doubt that the book that Christians rely heavily upon is a fraudulent document. My research shows it was compiled by Jerome and his cohort, Augustine, to credit the Church and to publish the laws and principles by which the Catholic Church gained credibility and power.pricot It also stands that Jerome is the most likely author of Matthew and Augustine of Luke.


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