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Sausage Bread

Sausage Bread, Bacon, ham and other food always lets a person sound began slobber, but recently the Swedish scientists found, eating a sausage or two slices of meat Bacon, the risk of pancreatic cancer increases by 20%.

According to the British" Daily Mail" website reported on January 13th, pancreatic cancer is also known as a "silent killer", because this kind of disease in patients with early no obvious symptoms,pearl jewelry the medium when symptoms are vague, patients but feel back pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc.. When the hospital diagnosed when, under normal circumstances, have reached advanced, so this kind of disease in all cancer cure rate is lowest, diagnosed after only 3% of the people can live more than 5 years.

The outside before generally believed that smoking, excessive drinking and obesity is induced by the disease causes. While the Swedish scientists, consumption of processed meat will increase risk of developing pancreatic cancer, even eat relatively rarely so. If only everyday eat 50 grams of meat processing, so the disease will increase 19%, 50 grams of weight is equivalent to a few slices of ham or Italy sausages, or clamped in a hot dog, smoked sausage, or two slices of Bacon. If the daily consumption of 100 grams
plastic bag manufacturer( is a small hamburger sandwiched ham volume ), so the risk of pancreatic cancer will increase 38%, if consumption increased to 150 g, then the prevalence will be high up to 57%.

The results of this study are in 6000 pancreatic cancer patients conducted 11 studies related to the specific content", published in the British Journal of cancer research". Every year in the UK has more than 8000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. " The cancer cure rate is low, so the understanding that increase the risk of disease risks is very necessary," Caroline Stockholm ska medical school professor Susanna larson.

But the meat is more obvious than the smoke caused risk is much lower, which is believed to be pushed to the risk of developing pancreatic cancer 74%. Previously there have been substantial evidence that consumption of red and processed meat may cause cancer. To this end,
office furniture the government of Sweden 2011 advised people weekly purchase red and processed meat limiting the amount to less than 500 grams.


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