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your phone 4 excuse

Men don't pick your phone 4 excuse
Reading tip: check the man didn't answer the telephone, the most common reason, or excuse. Have a look which one can convince you, which also make you feel it is a lie?
Secret: men don't pick your phone 4 excuse, I didn't hear
This is the most common reason,also the most susceptible to convince a woman. Because in real life, this situation does often appear. Of the busy, noisy environment, will lead to a mobile phone rang, but can't hear. To this point, they will often encounter the woman.
However, if his phone, one cannot hear, listen to two times, three times four times not to hear? Believe that no woman can keep calm, no ill feelings to forgive the man. A telephone is caused by disturbance again inevitable.
In two, with no body
Compared to the first reason, this one can cause a woman more suspicion. It gives a woman left too much space for imagination. The woman would be the first reaction: where have you been, why not take mobile phone, is it right? Not deliberately belt. Below the forecast is more and more rich, never underestimate a woman 's imagination.
But then again, so can answer man, perhaps that is the fact. Because all the lies, saying is a seamless heavenly robe, at least not so its loopholes appeared one after another. In this case, the woman will reverse thinking. Maybe you he, you really is honest.
In three, mobile phone battery
It is also very common grounds, but how? In this case, if placed in a woman, would be much more credible. Because the bias emotional woman will often forget to charge the mobile phone timing code. Known in a rational man, often so confused?
Believe, women will hand on you" mobile phone battery" pretext of questioning, on the other hand also suspected of their original choice is wise enough. So, man or less with this excuse for when! Damage his image.
In four, a meeting of inconvenience
This sounds very familiar with is it right?. In the" mobile phone" to the phrase " I'm in a meeting", has quickly become a synonym for classical lie. To some extent, just say" at the meeting", basically be the woman decided to lie. For no reason.
So, if you really really in a meeting, have trouble walks outside answering, or hang up, right back to a genuine and sincere message. If you do this, believe that no woman, would you have any complaint.
In fact, as long as a man with a snack,


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