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A suitable for your love

Many people think of love, passion, must be classic romantic, full of temptation and the people moved, also wanted to let this love forever, to the end of life. However, it is only our only one party is willing. Is the literature and other media have misled us, when we remember, it begins to put our view of love into a dead end.This kind of love like a burning match,PC remote suddenly emit dazzling light, can be two heart melt. There are even willing to spend the whole of my life 's passion to burn just to enjoy the short-lived happiness. All across the match only beautiful moment, all of the heartbeat can only slowly settling down, it can't warm your life. When it burns, the smoke of the fragrance will soon come to nothing, leaving the endless missing. In fact, all the beautiful are short, it will eventually calm.

We will spare no effort to pursue the love to the end of life, always make every attempt to retain the moment of happiness, but do not know the day when old, also have a shortage of time, the end of life is a kind of good intentions.
Many people go out of their way to court such with vigour and vitality very touching love life, and they are completely unaware of her life is supposed to be a plain, ordinary is happy. Love brings us happiness, first is the heart of happiness, as long as there is a feeling of happiness heart can create happiness. Don't expect too much of life is a happy life, real simple life is happy life, peaceful life is equally happy life.
Love is a kind of fate, in the vast sea of faces to meet you, in the vast river of time we can meet, this in itself is a gift from god. Love is a kind of tacit understanding, universe of 1 000000000 universes, and the most suitable for their own the most considerate of the most warm who defends is one kind of tacit understanding. Love is a feeling, one must use two hearts to experience and feel, to experience the ups and downs of the beautiful. Love is a kind of pay, is of no regrets no claim be most willing to pay everything for love.
When you are in love and are attracted to each other, when we enjoy the love brings the sweet and romantic, everything is attributed to insipid,Fly mouse aprereciciar apreopiear back to reality, we will be living in fuel and some trivial housework haunted lingering, then we may doubt if love has ended.Love is attributed to insipid life is after chastity, like fire, it can give you a lifetime of warm. It has no light, no burning flame, but it makes you calm like water, make you comfortable, can accompany through numerous long winter night. When you from the cold back home, out cold hands, let the light the fire roasted, your heart will warm up. All the passion will eventually be a plain, I would like to keep the furnace warm fire through the warm and plain living.I like the lyrics of a song:" I can think of the most romantic thing, and you grow old together, until we are too old to go to anywhere, you still treat me as the treasure." The so-called romantic, is in the ordinary real life can be reflected.Year to spend similar, but each year is different. To belong to an own life, you will be a happy man. "Hold your hand, to grow old with you", with the love of the people to share the happiness of the life is a gift, it is the most happy thing. If you believe that insipid life also has the love, maypoikthe love can make your life so bright; as long as you get from this love is happy rather than sad, then you have a suitable for your love.


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