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How long ago lost in the tender

In one one years, on December 25th, forty-eighth days in Beijing, finally to the society with little understanding of the original, and my dream is really not the same, once those pale beauty, in the heart not dare to touch those lonely, it always be realistic to dust up.Every night,PC Remotesstill can't help to think of school things, attend class together, eat together, to go to study hall at nine thirty. Blew off the story, always with the flavor of the sea breeze, in Dalian, the coastal city, just three months, leaving the chase, or the wet years? I don't know, perhaps a lifetime we are guessing, tired, I want to have a home.

Came to Beijing, finally got to the North days, after more than a month of struggle, only real life to experience the joys and sorrows, a person for a long time, get used to, a person is used, will be tired, a person tired will recall the past bit by bit, until even recall no strength when, my dear, who can give me a warm home, as I said before, tired, I want to have a home. Home? A I think will feel a warm place. In such a big city, home seems to be a luxury, a worthy of a lifetime to complete the chase. Home, so close to tears.
Wind erosion in the snowy night. I see a meteor in the selection of circulation, as of this time, I want it fixed in five years ago, at that time I was high, or a day listening to the wind to see snow, with the number of children of the stars, for a long time without wrote" children" these two words, because after this short for a month, I have to admit, I've never called her children, reminiscent of a time, that is the end of 2005. The New Year bell, forget who said, we are eighteen years old. Eighteen years old, a flowery snow age. A flower of flowers, have such as snow white, every day in the garden petals, see writing " take good care of trees and flowers" brand could not help but pick a flower. With the hope that snow, pile up a snowman, but also put his hat or scarf on it don't feel the heartache, the very next day wearing a scarf to school, how extravagant behavior, that is five years after you think will love to practice. And the time to go back to five years ago, he is also the man who calls himself looking for the" Prodigal Son". It is a funny idea, is really a law-down dirty shame my child.
Seems from that time onwards, he loved the writing, do not know for how many notebooks, written with his sentimental character, those who are not like language, can imagine that time of their own, mind what, when suddenly turned up a notebook, which was written in2006one day a month on the playground, himself wrote a name -- kani. Oh. How naive name, the time of their own. Under the pseudonym called kani. I can remember, I have a pen pal, don't know if you remember, that time is a popular magazine called" sunshine boys and girls", I remember from that awareness of a pen pal, went on for the past five years. Remember that time of their own. It is really a bit ridiculous, but five years ago, and I was trying to do?
How much memory, we were accidentally left in the intersection. How much memory, we choose the dust in the Notepad do not want to go back, seems to be a reluctant to back, I put you on the heart, you leave me behind. Just who are reluctant to pick it up, it lost in the long ago ... ...


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