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How to choose furniture color

Office furniture of 5 colors: black, grey, brown, dark red and blue. Usually, different kinds of gray for desk; black,setuphkcompany blog jue214edf brown for boss chair and room tables and chairs; blue and red for office chair.

Because, although elegant blue, not blind; red is grave, quite lively; black, Brown has been giving dignified sense, use them to decorate the meeting room, will induce you to focus on general, office color configuration according to the" big jump, small harmony " principle.

Each color has its own language, it will be to your colleagues and clients to convey a certain psychological message. For example, black gives a person the sense of loneliness, but there is also a kind of noble and dignified; brown that act as an elder, but different concentrations of Brown has not the old dark, will produce a fine powder; red too obtrusive, and if the quiet cool tune, to show the young and lively; this clay yellow excessive element, and if the happy warm hand, it is easy to show their elegant.

Further, purple with blue gives people a feeling of tranquility; magenta and blue make people feel bright; that with white is elegant; pink with white conveys the youth breath; dark brown with pale yellow can make you look more mature; Oriental element milan furniture fair shine dark grayish with dignity; red with black can attract each other 's sight; dark green with Naturals with the most natural; blue with light blue makes a person feel at ease; as for the bright yellow with black, can give a person jumping beauty.


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