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Solar panels solar

Solar panels solar net sales in the North Star2012-5-710:01:50I have a key words: solar panels solar photovoltaic solar photovoltaic Network North Star: Department of energy and climate change according to the latest data, since the solar subsidy cuts since, the solar panel installation capacity has dropped by nearly nine into. " The guardian" said, the UK on solar power change controversial financial support. New data showed a trend of solar energy industry,solar panel 2012dab4c51ck the government subsidy cuts too much too fast, has affected many jobs.
From April 1st onwards, solar power subsidies from every degrees of report0.43gradually reduced to0.21 pounds. After three weeks, the average weekly solar power installed capacity of only2.4 MW, compared to last year the average weekly18 MW decreased by 87%. (1 pound about 10.22 yuan)
Figure 1Nanan Cape solar panel roof
The Department of energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Buck ( GregBarker? ) that cuts in government subsidies, the aims of the change in solar energy has long been the ups and downs of the development trend. He said:" the whole point of the reform is to make solar energy industry development in the future with greater certainty and predictability. "The English have developed solar energy development plan, is expected in 2020, the British solar power installed capacity will reach 22000000 kilowatts.
The Department of energy and climate change shadow minister Caroline? Flint ( CarolineFlint ) said, according to the current development speed, the target will take 169 years to achieve. She said:" since a few months, the labour market has been reflected, to cut solar power subsidies will endanger many jobs, delaying the green high-tech industry rapid development momentum. These shocking figures show, due to cuts in subsidies, we achieve the solar power target will need 169years."
And buck retorted:" in just three weeks of data to predict the future development of eight years is too absurd. The future because of the cost of solar power will gradually decline, so installation volume will increase gradually. Although development is not a straight line, baby clothes wholesale ukogkewe25dwe but the22 GW 's goals are possible. The need for government and industry to work together to continue to reduce costs, solar power." He said, the new McKinsey study show that, by 2020solar power will cost can compete with fossil fuels.


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