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LED chips increase

The domestic enterprise without core technology

Led the industry in the upper reaches of the most of the core in the hands of patent master foreigner,Ubabee baby weardab4c52ck we didn't have the core technology, although we led application products manufacturing capacity in the global account for 50%, share to 50%, the lowest part of the profit does.

With technology, LED chips increase the larger size wafer production process, will continue to reduce costs, in recent years every year in speed of 20% lower, LED chip prices factor, will also included in the ascension of the efficiency in the lower prices, the same price to buy a better product. The cost of LED lighting lamps mainly in LED chips, as long as the chip prices down, LED lumens to and the current stage of the unit price is energy-saving lamps, indoor lighting is natural blossom everywhere. LED chips an depreciate space.

Domestically, the expected future 3 to 5 years, LED PAR 38 with the development of the chip, indoor lighting products occupy semiconductor lighting application products 40% proportion is very optimistic.


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