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Lit wounds of

The night is, the sky of dark gathered, a land, and fell on my fingers lit I very not easy cleared up that state of mind, but how also burn. Oneself always want to be busy won't think of, I busy, what to do,wireless keyboard dab4d60ck but tired want to sit down for a while, I just don't reliable! A sat down she... Windowsill the ticking is my heart melody concerto.

Someone says: wine can anesthesia also can let people down. The wine made me feel headache but only, and just add a pain just, perhaps pain many also can not clear the original pain now. I think my drinking reason just to achieve this effect it.

Who to who wrong? No who to who wrong. Who wins and who loses? No one is a winner. Early heart already returned to the point to know, also go but now the candy, I am here to lie down it. Let their decadent here, in here to start silently quiet down. Maybe the next spring I side will grow a tempting flowers, maybe you will also be that was beautiful flowers attract, then be winding vines, and then leave

In the years trace you already be full of my life of the drawing board, in the life you has become a habit of not forget, in mind you have is indispensable place, in the youth you are already I it is a NiRen, you have in mind is my lamp, in my world you are already all my support, in my breath is already all of you in the breath, in my mind already all is your shadow, in my nib already all is your story, in my dream is already... But pain but in my heart had root, think you become the distant and may not and the but again could not control the heartache of or sweet. May have other words to, when all the ends of the earth have the feeling satisfied, lose recoil at home all feel weightlessness.

May I silly of lovely, but no one love.... Friends said.

No pain love is not love, only this sore to know that this is the true love. Have not lost won't cherish, only so lost will know to cherish. But I want to say that there is no pain and I know that this is the true love, no lose I also know to cherish. But outcome is not I a person is in compose, also not be the two of us in outline, have too much reluctant to interfere, there are too many factors in all it open. Maybe we mutual gravitational attraction of less than of that tension, that's all.

Perhaps is because there is a pain to tell what is happiness taste, perhaps only separate will have together of the precious.tin box manufacturer Reality for you what must never change, who don't have to mediation your mood, all can only rely on their own.


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