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3D Internet

The National Day holiday is coming soon, a small half busy workers, you are going to travel, or to go home to accompany their parents, region free dvd or simply stay at home, about a few friends, playing cards, have a look the movie, enjoy leisure time in the holiday!

Jacki 3D Internet Blu-ray player -- BDP-3608 fusion " 3D player + Network VOD + various disc playing " strong function, and the operation is very convenient, whether it is bought for parents, or a gift to friends, or in your own retention, BDP-G3608 is very useful!

BDP-3608 built-in smart high-definition television platform, and set the mainstream network HD content platform, periodic updates of the massive video, animation and a variety of international elite open class, nod namely look namely. In the family a bandwidth of 2000000000000 conditions, can be very fluent watching intelligent television program, as long as the cable is connected with the remote control, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck can be easily on demand massive studio entertainment programs. At the same time, BDP-G3608 also loaded many user-friendly small features, such as automatic matching the best playing platform and source, intelligent skip ads and so on, greatly enhancing the user experience!
During the holidays, find a always want to see but have no time to watch the movie, or learn about recently very popular series, let the fast-paced life completely to slow down, is also a kind of relief, relaxed manner.

Because of the built-in BDP-G3608 suspended drive, precision high speed read, error correction capability is strong, the disc read more fluent! Whether young people like to watch each Blu-ray discs, DVD, DVD, red wine or parents to hear opera dish, can be played smoothly. Home for the holidays, parents sent a BDP-G3608, let parents feel that television network of rich and colorful!


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