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Japan Times

In 10 and 19, the Sony Corp is expected in the 2012 fiscal year, depletion of numbers 2000 people, of which about half from Sony headquarters, including the functions of the department. In August this year issued 2012 fiscal year a quarter, Sony appeared a $312000000 loss. The recent sharp, Sony, Panasonic, with the Japanese electronics giant closely linked to key words, is the losses and layoffs.
In 10 and 19, the Sony Corp is expected in the 2012 fiscal year, depletion of numbers 2000 people, of which about half from Sony headquarters, including the functions of the department. In August this year released a quarter of fiscal 2012 ( ending June 30th) earnings, Sony appeared a $312000000 loss.
Xia Puji last year hit¥ 376000000000 largest in history after the loss of a quarter, fiscal year 2012 has not changed, loss for the period from the same period last year 49000000000 yen to 138400000000 yen ($1800000000 ). Goldman will sharp ratings downgrades to sell shares, a record low of 38 years.
" If the Japanese manufacturing era has passed, conclusion is premature. " Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Japanese economy studies expert Yao Haitian expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, Japan in the MC ( Materials&Components, namely the materials and parts ) industry still has very strong competition ability, " MC is industry chain upstream links, profit rate is relatively high, a lot of things don't still do not come out of production, or quality cannot contend ".
Focus on IC components distribution branch core city executive vice president Zhu Jizhi also expresses to the reporter, Japan in the field of the components have very strong competition ability, a lot of electronic components currently used in the manufacturing process, LED manufacturer dab3d12ck are Japanese invention defined, such as the MLCC capacitors; in the material field also is such, for example, Japan's rare use of technology, global leader, and the rare earth materials, in almost all electronic components manufacturing process will be used.
Japanese electronic industry decline on the other side
Zhu Jizhi said, with South Korea, China Taiwan, China electronic industry chain 's rise, Japanese enterprises have cost advantage, now become the cost disadvantage; while Japan terminal electronic enterprise supply chain is closed, the habit of using Japanese electronic components, which makes it though the master electronic industrial chain high-end manufacturing technology, but the high cost.
The comparative disadvantages not only mapped to Japan in recent years enterprise often outgoing layoffs and loss of news, also in the industry as the barometer of the show take in everything in a glance. Reporter in this year in October 12th -15 day held in Hongkong, global resources ( NASDAQ:GSOL ) Electronics Autumn Show interview discovery, in a total of about 4000 booth, from the Chinese mainland and Hongkong, Taiwan regions exhibitors to occupy the vast majority of proportion.
Zhu Jizhi said, in all consumer electronics terminal areas, Japanese enterprises have very competitive, the embodiment of competitiveness is the master of the high precision manufacturing capacity of the high ratio of performance to price. But from the current perspective, in addition to the camera, camera, printer, still with precision manufacturing terminal areas (those areas will continue to leading enterprises ), Japanese enterprises in other electronic terminal field competitiveness constantly declining. Zhu Jizhi believed that "the Japanese enterprises in the application of innovation the main terminal, such as mobile phone will continue to drop ".
" In the terminal of digital, intelligent process, need more is innovation, software, applications, these are not Japanese. " Zhu Jizhi says.


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