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Crossing the road has a hero complex girl

She waited to cross the road, boring, back, behind the fence in the pipeline pit dug underground soil bared reveals earnest moisture, Delves probe spotted trenches around the corner actually squatting three urban construction workers,hardhat over their heads, The dream of equalityto gather together carefully wipe with a sky-blue edge perforated ring is probably a pipe interface like something.

A rub, looking intently at the other two people. Despite the road on busy, noisy and restless, to own something cool and quiet atmosphere in the trenches.

For her mad love, "I am the head of my regiment, this scene simply the trenches thirty-two flocks of esprit de corps brothers despite the outside brought up again just keep doing their own little things scene reproduction, Give equal time opportunityignoring the crazy habitual apathy and scattered.

"So your hero is this? Hiding in the corner, quietly wiping hoops children can." I try to look as if nothing had happened.

"That's your hero?"

"I then said" ah ... my hero shouting, Oh, the applause and your noseriding Shouma with windmills. "Whispering sound, nor how kind of thing." Both laughed.