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Anti- season fruit Shu whether safety don't can be in brief treat different matters in same manner.If with the big Peng plant for lord, but again belong to have no harmful effects food, so its quality with normal season of product have no big of differentiation.Certainly, those fruits Shus that are forbiddenly exerted to urge a familiar are another matter.But for the sake of safety rise see, vegetable fruit after buying to go home, steep in the clear water it, a little amount agrochemical clean and remain, can also pass light shine on,Catering Service paring, water wash, water very hot, explode to stir-fry etc. the way clearance is different of cripple poison.
Therefore, the fruit Shu that as far as possible eats the anti- season less with keep chemistry hormone from endangering health.To raise a vigilance to the some and"abnormal shape" fruit Shu while purchasing, for example the figure huge rhesus macaque peach, grow up peg-top strawberry,smart TV remote take long point or the tomato, special generous fatty thick Chinese chives of the flower petal, red get nigrescent cherry peach and plum, green get nigrescent green vegetables, could not smell the mango, external appearance of flavor yellow bright edible but a banana that livings flavor etc..

There is the food method of Sun health.The bean milk hurtles an egg:In the egg of glue a liquid the egg white will combine with the Yi egg white Mao in the bean milk and make the food lost the nourishment value that should have thus.
Tea-leaf cooks an egg:
Spiral Plate Heat ExchangerIn tea-leaf in addition to alkaloid, also imply acidity material.These compound and the iron chemical element in the egg combine, the agree with stomach department will also correspond real estate to living a certain incitement function, and also be more disadvantageous than digest to absorb.

The potato burns beef:Because the stomach acid density needed by these two kinds of foods is different, certanly will will prolong food in the stomach of be detained time, make the stomach department digested time of absorption to prolong thus, aggravate stomach and intestines burden.
The high egg white food adds strong tea:Some people like after taking a meal many meat, seafood article, and molluscs...etc. high egg white food and again and again drink strong tea, mistake to drink strong tea and then can clean high fat, pure heart and come to a brain to help digest.In fact, exactly the opposite, the Rou in tea-leaf is sour to combine together with protein, will be born to have astringent Rou of sour protein.Make the person's digestive system, excrete passage unwell, big, small intestines way the peristalsis reduces slowly, the excrement prolongs in the being detained of bowel way time, this is one of the factor that produces
plate type heat exchangerconstipation, will also increase poisonous material and carcinogen drive the danger of human body absorption.

Milk and orange together eat:The acidity fruits, such as milk and orange...etc. together eats, or is just finished drinking milk to eat an orange, meeting the protein invisible in milk in and the tartaric acid in the orange.