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domestic some loopholes

Recently, domestic some loopholes website about" the bank ATM machine security vulnerabilities " message, i.e. hackers by invading ATM machine can obtain other bank card local directory browsing privileges, to steal account password, transfers and other operations, this is the first discovery of similar ATM can attack case. In this regard, Rising Cloud security platform today issued a day remind: LED Tube Light Manufacturerfrom a technical point of view, ATM ATM loophole exists.

Those with a full keyboard input or a virtual keyboard input" senior teller machines", are more likely to be hacking;

Common ATM machine due to the lack of input, but relatively good safety.
According to introduction, at present a lot of ATM machine is used in the more loopholes in the Windows system, including Windows 2000, NT and XP, as long as through the browser flaw to obtain administrator privileges, as in the machine operate any. According to the previous exposure online flaw display, in a running Linux system of ATM machine, from the screenshot visible hackers gained local ATM folder browse access, as long as you do some simple rights lifting operation, can obtain the highest administrator permissions, and then on the machine embedded trojan, recorded using a ATM user bank card number password,Google TV keyboardor even direct transfer.

" Technically, invasion of the ATM machine difficulty with invasion of a common PC no different, if the bank and ATM manufacturers is not in the system to do the necessary safety protection, ATM is the hacker's ATM, ultimately hurt the general user of the bank card." Security experts say, because a lot of ATM machine uses the safety of general Windows system,
Smart TV keyboard the invasion is not difficult, with a full QWERTY keyboard or handwriting input ATM you can complete this task.