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end the book

Holiday soon aunt told me they Xinhua Bookstore in the following points before the start of the school year to send the book, so I should find my help, of course I promised. Just give me a day to help illustrate the mother aunt carry books, asked me if I could find a few boys help point, I in the brain to search it, really not know who to turn to. Side did so several very good relationship between heterosexual, but I really want to find who help me but I do not know who to open, every time is even more trouble would not bother who, even if the mind unhappy again will also send some video expressions do not make people aware of how depressed mood, even if also can in front of everyone laughing a lively atmosphere ... ... Don't know what the character of the people what is trained.
Always feel that we are still young, never find the object matters to me, feel it is very distant thing, do not imagine. However,Valentine's Day recent sometimes think this problem, find objects for me is really a problem. The students around myself think are impossible, because my brother is retarded by outsiders because estimation does not complain scene, but unfortunately I was a so-called will not be active, so when family and friends rush rush when I always indifferent to say what ah, and dates! But, who knows my heart uncomfortable and refrained from tears. I never want to complain about who, who didn't want to be difficult, but don't want to hurt anyone, just want to appear as a person, to know all about me, including state and temper, still want to love me and my family. Because I can't be selfish, I would for the sake of his family, especially his brother's future.
The recent mood is not good, loses all pleasure, hate myself, disdain to some people and things, I know it is very dangerous, but I don't want to force myself, in the mood is immersed in trough time, let it continue to sink it, when low to such a point, the rise will be it the only way out. Fine fine presumably, all these years I have no change, not because they do not attach themselves to their own grievances, held in words, in fact,
netbook tabletI just before reality only, and I found that it is not bad.
Ramble in one's statement that this nonsense, I know that life must continue, let us fear the future, but also give us hope, people are complicated creatures, sometimes you feel alive is infinite and wonderful, you feel full of youthful spirit, all things are not things; but sometimes you feel alive really boring, when you are in a muddle. No matter what kind of state,
samsung galaxy tab 8.9 not proud also do not lose heart, always with a calm heart, idle flowers blossom fall, cloud Shu Yun show ... ...