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Good man formula

Because working and other sake, contact with many unmarried or divorced woman. They share a common feeling is: in today's society, good man too difficult to find.

By extension a topic: what is today's society of good man?

Different women, gives different answers. Some say, good man is tall, handsome, handsome wham Some say, good man is a car has the room, rank and power; Some say, good man is top hall, descend kitchen; Some say, good man is sit bosom not disorderly, loyalty with single mind; Some say, good man is brilliant, the humor humor and wit... But have a bit, is of good man ladies to the common definition: rich sense of responsibility.

My heart taylor made suits is my way. Every woman gives good man standards, are understandable. Here I want to repeat the ladies are: since you have idea of a good man yardstick, then press diagram suo ji, not perfection.

There are lees to every wine. The other half of that fantasies of handsome and natural and unrestrained, both JingTianWei countries again, still can accompany the woman, is about himself, at least, not smart enough not mature. I suggest, every single (divorced) woman, crossed the aisle, first to ask yourself one question: I value most? What is man quality,

If is tall, handsome and handsome, that feels is not to adjust someone can give you loyalty and specificity. Because of this manwholesale fashion jewellery, for women very injuriously, often belong to "mass lover" category. Even if he is sit bosom not disorderly of gentleman, will be very, very difficult to stand withstand the temptation of cosmopolitan.

If it is successful, deep-pocketed, that is not to adjust each other can give you more company and care. In addition to the "rich dmc2, didn't get a man's career, status and wealth, not by time, energy, and sweat, tears, even piling up. Some her husband, wife was ill and even have a child, cannot companions, and is not to own woman bad, and is often, choice.

If is honest good deed, holding the housework, that is not to adjust someone can give you a house YangChe, brand clothing. Day was sitting at home, can find money career, calculate my apology, pull up finger fingers) number, Tim (I didn't get a few.

If it is... That is not to adjust...

Don't struggle, which means to learn to tolerate and tolerance. If you're going south sea pearl for awhile, that is about to choose men learn to tolerate his temper (career stress big men, often need to use roar, release pressure), tolerate he often went home late at night. If ready to choose "family Lord male", that will learn to tolerate his simple-hearted. This man, "the wife and children hot pit head" as the life pursuit, consider the question, is simple and practical. If you are going to choose romance, the patron saint of to learn to tolerate his duplicity. If you are going to choose and honest, that is the patron saint of his learn to tolerate puzzled customs...

Similarly, become a man, also not too demanding and should learn to tolerate your future partner.

Finally, we freshwater pearl give a good man formula, don't know ladies, agree or disagree with?

Good man = responsibility + you value most men quality.