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Feeling is the deepest

Walk every day on someone pointed out in a busy road through, so, in the bustling streets, or through a familiar scenery everywhere, I don't even know what the next destination will be where it is, I am busy, look forward to ... When the static under heart to come with a vision vision to treat every thing, I feel everything is so full. Very bitter, very tired, but the spirit is good.

We grow up, we are mature, we are abandoned in the corner of the city, was busy with all kinds of work, but to accept the various offbeat perspective. This is the life, we can not ever own, life and setbacks changes us, when we find ourselves to do more and more things when, suddenly a moment of awakening, will find themselves lost more. Once good friends, have affection, had the dream, once the obsession, or else or, less and less. We use their most precious thing, in exchange for a body of rmb. No matter what, we will become, really changed, become no longer simple.


Such is life pushing forward, day after day, year after year, simple and boring and tasteless. Perhaps one day, decreed by fate that person appears again, everything might have changed ... Life is beautiful, but in the long river of time, or mist, or bright or," always have something in passing slowly slowly change. Because in reality, how many people can decide and choose the things we want, can see through all say: I would like to. I once watched a TV play" Beijing love story", and a strong friendship can not resist the temptation to love, strong friendship than temptations of power and money. To Qian Hequan, can abandon everything, this is the reality!

When we are busy to continue moving forward, never empty stop stop and watch, all things like running car, in a glass front left a moment of scenery. We run faster, more confused, more helpless. Yeah, once familiar things, bring us a sense of security, give us a moment special place, but that is because lose, will feel better. Trembling at the world, but the sky is too high, I can not fly, I fly to. Each story is an end, can understand that the first beautiful.