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Festival is approaching

Spring Festival is approaching, the annual taste comes. The spring and began selling tickets, all over the country the size of train station is poll assemble is moved, population students, migrant workers such as colored people work from dawn to night long queues, in order to buy the train ticket back home,johnson baby shampoonot for anything else, that is the Spring Festival in the call, parents call, children in the call, affection in call ... ...

But for thousands of years changeless family reunion, with the step of times to the first 10 years of the twenty-first Century,
JOHNSON Shampoo entering the second 10 years today, is producing change sadly, some for the Chinese New Year reunion luster, while others like the sweet sprinkled a handful of pepper, the reunion of the journey becomes tortuous, reunion in the taste more helpless.

" Concerning the joys and sorrows have become empty, million yearning in the night." Chinese New Year is actually had a reunion. New year's Eve lights, one family dumplings very homely, wandering heart, age under one roof, enjoyable, that a pulled unclear, cut up deep affection, is the most concentrated flavor.

Now more and more families" alone", and around which new problems, it has also produced some disputes. Although now in house events who divorced very few in number, but also there is no lack of to become the future after the only-child couples divorce risks. In fact, the key of the problem or husband and mutual understanding, at present there is no way is the most reasonable,
L-Carnitine  mainly to see how to negotiate that satisfy both sides, each step as boundless as the sea and sky, shared a successful annual is the common objective