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Fine line industry leader

With the development of our country burgeoning industry to carry out the strategy of new energy vehicles, electronic wire, wire, wind power equipment wire, aerospace and other high-end equipment wire, magnet wire industry has become the development direction of the application. Smiling Technology Company Limited ( Stock Code: 002617, company abbreviation: smiling Technology), is well-known domestic copper and aluminum wire products and technical service provider. With the online purchase, Mini Wireless Keyboardsmiling technology into the Chinese capital market to enter the countdown.
Leading fine wire industry
As a famous domestic copper and aluminum wire products and technical service provider, smiling technology mainly engaged in wire products design, development, production and sales, the company and the subsidiary company 's main products include copper, aluminum wire two major categories, including copper core wire products can be divided into high high temperature composite electromagnetic wire and micro electronic wire two, aluminum electromagnetic wire is the main product of high temperature resistant composite aluminum electromagnetic wire.
The company production of the wire is widely used in electric power, household appliances, communications, electronics, automotive, wind power equipment, aerospace and other industries,
Patch Cord Manufacturercovered by household appliances and mechanical and electrical products as the main body of the traditional industry and electronic information products, car of new energy resources, new energy, equipment manufacturing industry as the leading emerging.
According to the" 2010 China Electrical Equipment Industrial Statistics Yearbook" in 2009 wire cable enterprises of major business revenue situation, if the wire production, the main business enterprise sort, is smiling smiling Group Holdings, Inc. of science and technology ranked second.
electric welding machine manufacturer
Smiling technology with copper products and wide product line advantage. Aluminum core wire with low prices, quality of light, insulation coating increases the service life, easy stereotypes etc. Copper such as keep rising trend, then the copper core wire price will be increased,
Cable Manufacturer which will lead to parts of the electromagnetic wire buyers seeking the copper product substitutes, turning to the aluminum electromagnetic wire. Smiling technology industry within a few run copper and aluminum core two categories of products one of the enterprises, wide product line more conducive to safeguarding the interests of customers, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Smiling technology focus on broad product line development advantage,
led home lighting strengthen the enterprise management, into a wire and cable manufacturing industry strong.