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generally be used according

The camera can generally be used according to the technical features such as: picture size, point way, the shutter form,webcam manufacturer dab4d59ck metering way to classification, also can according to the camera's appearance and structure to classification. Specific classification as follows:

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1, camera according to its different imaging medium

Can be divided into film cameras and digital cameras and polaroid cameras. Film camera is mainly refers to through the lens imaging and application document imaging film equipment. And the digital camera is the application of semiconductor photoelectric coupler pieces and digital storage ways to record video photography equipment, use convenient, photo transmission is convenient, save is convenient wait for a characteristic. Polaroid camera and say a imaging camera, is directly in special photographic images like paper, but in a minute see photos, appropriate according to accept as a souvenir.

2. According to the use of camera and film picture size

Can be divided into 35 mm camera (often called 135 cameras), 120 cameras, 110 cameras, 126 camera, camera,wholesale office furniture desk a picture of cameras, APS cameras, a miniature camera, etc. 135 35 mm film camera use, the shot of the standard format for 24 mm X 36 mm, general each film can take pictures and zhang or 24 shots. 3. According to the camera's appearance and structure Can be divided into smooth inspect point the camera (VIEWFINDER) and single lens reflective camera (SLR cameras). In addition to the folding camera, double lens reflective camera, smooth inspect range finder camera (RANGFINDER) and board, machine and so on.

4. According to the camera shutter form

Can be divided into the camera shutter camera (also called center shutter camera), focal plane camera shutter camera shutter, procedures, etc.

5. According to the camera with a function and technical characteristics

Can be divided into automatic focusing the camera, electricity metering manual control exposure camera, electricity metering automatic exposure camera, etc. In addition to shutter priority type, aperture preferred type, program control type, double preferred type, electric roll sheet (automatic coil slice, pour piece) camera, AF (AF) camera, date back to the camera, flash cameras installed inside.

Sometimes also can according to the use of camera to points, such as professional camera and a consumer camera (cameras),office furniture manufacturer neize225dw step imaging camera, stereo camera; Sometimes also can press the lens characteristics into zoom or double focus the camera. In fact, a modern camera often has many characteristics, so should with comprehensive way to define.