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January easily reduced 5 catties

Spring weight loss recipes January easily reduced 5 catties
The spring comes, the types of food to enrich, in weight loss period how to achieve a good fitness state? Thin men and women following Xiaobian to recommend several good spring slimming food, appropriate to join your cookbook, the short term can let you see apparent weight change Oh, not only nutrition can also play a role of detoxification fat, mother's daythen come and have a look what the food.1, sardine
What makes the sardines into healthy diet food? This fish is the uncrowned star. They are rich in protein and omega - 3 fatty acids, can keep the body muscle mass. But Mercury is low, high calcium content, to accelerate the new supersedes the old. And body fat burning all play an important role.
2, edible fungus
Fungus taste very Q, it includes the rich protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals, can help you to add a large number of nutrients. In addition, fungus also contain plant gum, can be remained in the body residue adsorbed aggregates, excreted, both gastric bowel polyester prevention lesions, and beauty and body function.
In 3, baby cabbage
Spring many people feel all day without a spirit, and potassium deficiency is a very important reason. Then eat baby food is a good choice. Baby vegetables are rich in potassium, can regulate metabolism, help the body weight loss and the elimination of edema, but also help the gastrointestinal peristalsis, promoting defecation, for weight control has a great help.
In 4, sesame
Sesame seeds contain linoleic acid benign lipid, rich protein, vitamin, vitamin E and calcium, can help prevent slow aging and accelerate the body heat consumption. In addition, sesame part can make the blood vessels within the cell membrane lipid nutrition metabolic function better, Jia Ke suand can promote the waste discharge, played a very good Detox Slimming effect.
5, tuna
Fresh tuna, is rare food diet. It allows you to lose weight at the same time, not lose health and beauty. Tuna 's fatty acids, to burn excess body fat, balance blood sugar levels. In addition, it contains the healthy protein, can promote fat burning, reduce hip fat accumulation, helps maintain a slim figure!
6, cabbage
Cabbage is what? In fact, our common cabbage, cabbage, cabbage is a genus brassica. Cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, can promote bowel to relieve constipation, effectively reduce the accumulation of body fat. In addition,
varicose veins tips it contains the cellulose can also help you increase satiety and reduce caloric intake!