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Jeremy Marden

Marden Edwards general manager Jeremy Marden in a speech in special reference to the application of shrinkage package technology. He firmly believes that, a shrink wrap can provide a more cost efficiency advantage, more attractive way of production:" basically, our system first used after cutting the folded the film wound on the package surface, to create a diamond edges and edge sealing effect."poly bags

 He then explained:" then, wrapping machine packing edge sealing. In order to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong rigor, the sealing process by heating to assist in the completion of this process. Compared to the contraction channel 20kW working power and the high temperature of 200 DEG C,
plastic bags supplierthis part of the heating power is about 2kW, and can complete the whole packing sealing. Because the user enterprises no longer need for the film perforations to discharge the heat, the heating means for maintaining fragrance products ( such as tobacco and tea ) is a kind of ideal choice."Gaosuibuyou Thailand

A charter of the primary products start at about $28750, the production rate for an average of 100 per minute for special application in packaging, production can be achieved when every minute 300 pack. When not needed for the film heat shrinkage, enterprises can choose cheaper than polyolefin film material. When applied to complex operations, most package system needs to have convenient and fast switching characteristics. Compared to shrink,
toner shrink wrapping another advantage is that the package can be installed to an easy-open tearing band, which in the current is much.