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Lupercalia Festival

Originated in ancient Rome, the festival of Lupercalia ( Lupercalia Festival )

This statement is a Christian Church of this day is to celebrate the festival of Lupercalia of ancient Rome ( February 15th each year to celebrate,Valentine's Dayto bless the people, land, livestock productivity ) to christianize.

In the worship of the gods, stock god Lu Bo Kunz ( Lupercus ) Rules on the protection of shepherds and sheep. February each year, the Romans held a grand ceremony to celebrate the festival of lupercalia.

When the calendar compared to now, to a little bit later, so grazing God Festival is actually a celebration of the coming of spring. Some people say this festival is celebrated Faunus ( Faunus ), it is similar to the ancient Greeks, sheep foot, angle of the head pan ( Pan ), in charge of animal husbandry and agriculture.

With the forces of Rome 's expansion in Europe, grazing God festival was brought to what is now France and the United Kingdom and. Most people always enjoy it a festival similar to grab. The young woman's name was placed in a box, and then taking the young man. Selected as a lover of men and women, time is one year or longer.

The rise of the Christian people to commemorate the custom gradually indifferent. The priests did not want people to give up the festive joy, so will the Lupercalia ( Lupercalia ) into a Valentine 's Day ( Valentine s Day ), and moved to February 14th. So, on Valentine's brother and the ancient legend of the festival was a natural combination. This festival in Medieval England 's most popular. The names of unmarried men and women were selected,
htc flyer tablet  they will exchange presents, woman in the years to become the Valentine man.

The men will be on the sleeves embroidered woman's name, care and protection of the woman be the sacred duty of the man.