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Make your body healthy

1 let the blood circulation at 21%.
The United States of America new research shows, comedy hearty laugh, the blood circulation will be at 21%, the effect can last all day. And when they see a serious documentary, blood circulation rate will decline 18%. So, often " giggle ", can promote the body's blood circulation, reishi sealand is a simple and effective health care method.
2 brushing, flossing can make neck tumor incidence decrease 80
Dental care can not only make you more charming, but also can effectively reduce diseases caused due to various head and neck tumor incidence. Regular brushing, form the use of dental floss habit can be reduced 80% of head and neck tumors, simple and practical.
3 with a pot of tea, reducing two stroke
Often drink tea than are people who do not drink or less people risk of stroke to be much lower, such as a day to drink more than three cups of tea, compared to less than one cup a 20% lower risk of stroke. And whatever is black tea or green tea, the protective effects of tea polyphenols and amino acids on human blood vessels and arteries can play a very good.
4 thank you letter, happy index increased by 20%
If you want to thank someone, I suggest you to appreciate the words written down, may not be confined to form, write down thanks to than verbal thank,  to bring more people aftertaste. A research shows that the United States, " written " thanks, can make both sides feel more happy, then, the body's immune system, lungs, liver, and more healthy, but also lower blood pressure, keep fit, beat all the efficacy of.
5 graffiti make memory upgrade 29%
Graffiti can help memory. Listening to the same record, clumsy in penmanship. Do nothing than people, can remember things more than 29%. Experts think, or class meeting, or, the seemingly heard very serious, very likely in the daydream; Promotion gifts 2012 and with handwritten draw attention instead concentrate more easily.