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Man luxuriant lies

A, "I so hard struggle not just for the sake of you and the home"

If men say what's PHE when this match again with appropriate expressions, its incendiary degree not inferior at any a qiong precious jade pieces. The man said this meant to find excuses for YeBuGuiSu, let you give up his career unswerving enthusiast do behind him for the woman, after the success of promise, depends entirely on whether cash his conscience: conscience, still can give you good extravagant life; Conscience bad, get a divorce, he can't miss you this family babysitter.

Second, "do you think I like dinner party ah, to cause, no way!"

Nonsense, new bad men are like entertainment, and be good at social parties, many ambiguity of the plot are therefore trace, and many of the absurd things Choose plate heat exchanger done is leakproof, then in exasperation of woman's in front do innocence and injustice shape, said he really NiWei entertainment, but people in the river's lake, choice.

Three, "I'll let your lifetime happiness and joy"

Men say this words or drunk wine or be present happiness blinded. If you can't let him continue to happiness and joy even became his burden, he goes like chewing gum stuck in hand dump as the early abandons you. New bad man does not want to assume relevant responsibilities and consequences, as some money imparting knowledge, like the star paid, but no active number the coin habit.

Four, "I'll let our life always full of romantic emotional appeal"

"New bad man" is making romantic masters, but a man with a paper of romantic HunShu wither, married first year of valentine's day, he also may ask you to eat out candle western-style food; The next year, he will also remember to bring the bouquet of roses home; In the third year, he will also resistance to the occasional accompany you eat at home meal; The first four years, don't know where he went running fooling around.

Five, "I'm a very life of man"

New bad man the honeymoon period will fry a good food, become a figure give you do breakfast, do the housework level of first-class, got the hai truly. However, with the end of the honeymoon period, the man's interest will be transferred from hearth mahjong table or computer, and he also will rightfully said: "women no chores stem?"

Six, "I romantic but not mean"

New bad men think all the beauty and office, flirting with a game "spiritual love", there are three two "confidante", all and {* * *} cheap wedding dresses irrelevant, this or they prove their charm prurient interest, the capital. But self-described as romantic man, finally will inevitably have a most fall convention finale -- - and other women go to bed.

Seven, "I want to do a gentleman"

New bad man outside very personable, the gentleman flavour is dye-in-the-wood, but at home, smelly socks stuffed in a week in shoes also lazy wash, and wife quarrel, unlike any neighborhood KouZhuo shrew, dozen wife tongue stupid when ZhaZiDong dog spy shots than light.

Eight, "I like new but nan old"

New bad man yearning and pursue extramarital affair, one night stands, for the adventure of being alive and start still keep "colorful banners and home outside undeniable" rules of the game red, he as marijuana, once addictive, anaerobic couldn threw old, but old and is only a matter of time.

Nine, "I to love and marriage always loyal"

Now find a fiercely loyal man unlike Po sports, new bad men first prize easy to hide the level and lie hidden experience and experience, can write a book not thin book, they mantra: lover such as clothing, lifetime total want to change a few pieces.

Ten, "I'll have to take care of and considerate of you"

This good warmth, but it is far longer than epiphyllum. New bad man very understand woman idea, use weapons is meticulous care and feminine thoughtfulness, and every day he gave the office of the little girl who like to sleep late with a bread and butter, to show love, three months down, the girl did his lover. Ask, which husband have patience for the wife of a meal to buy three months earlier?