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mistakenly believed

I have mistakenly believed that love will be so easy to come here, when I opened the door, there might be a surprise gift for you, this gift is you want to love, but a be of no great importance of the envelope, the envelope, leaving only the be of no great importance of few words, when you meet when these, your mood, is how, is disappointed, or lost, or have to wait, until this gift to you.
There is no lover, some things, although the surface is always at your side, however, one day you'll find out, always in the things around you, will have to leave one day. The sky will have a black day, singapore company formationpeople will always be the old day, Valentine will have left that day. Originally, about love, not just so simple. Valentine, will always be with you, and will stay with you forever. Not hard, but your efforts, but still cannot keep her heart.

I don't believe in love, do not believe, but for love, I had. Love, forever will be the biggest stumbling block, therefore, I learned will benefit in the first place. Perhaps this for me now, is a pain, is a kind of make me decadent weapon. However, interest will always stand in the first one, not the purpose, use unscrupulous divisive tactics, it is man 's true colours. But to not being lover, namely, use all kinds of ways, you can not get, always without.
Some things, is you is you, not even when you get, also have lost that day. I have been watching this day, has been secretly looking to the sky, hoping that the time to stay on this day, let all, just get, don't lose, don't go, because of it, can't afford to lose. There is no lover, always be a doll, play with your emotions, until the end.
Some things, always exists, but can not show the value of its existence, it has caught your attention, even if you pay attention to it, but it still will not pay attention to you, perhaps this is fate, as from beginning to end, love like this, when you are not watching. Time, it slowly come to your side, to tell you: in fact, it has been noticed you for a long time,
We have been in, but, even if does exist, but there is no sense, because Zhishizhizhong didn't have a can explain all reason. During these years, I learned how strong, learn to sadness, learn in no time, cry alone, but all this, but always failed to change anything, everything is as it is, not change, no change in direction, more did not change the heart that position.
In those years, the month, the day,company formation I was sleepy, carrying a long backlog of multiple pressure body has also been lost, when that day, when I still think the future good, but I got know is true, correct. I always thought, happiness never forget me, next to the target is I, however, a prayer, a hope is the Relentless God paints, the destruction of.