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Mother's Day gift market is hot

Because of the life, work and other reasons, many people are more and more far away from home, but this situation has spawned a variety of holiday gifts market unpopular, is a" gift to people not to".gift and premiumnIt is reported, mother's day period, in addition to the traditional flowers, food and other gifts fiery, cultural tourism market, high-tech digital products have been pro-gaze. Among them, the Patriot all-weather frame with 24hours round-the-clock hosting service, unique and exquisite fashion appearance after customization function has been sought after.ocb1d2ccan

Patriot patriot2012all-weather frames is the key product, its most prominent luminescent spot is to be the product of 24 hours a day hosting service: with the light sensing function, can according to the ambient light intelligent adjusting screen brightness, make eyes at any time in the most comfortable viewing status; night mode function and according to the ambient light automatically enter nocturnal sleep state, closing the photo display, reduce the screen brightness, start the colorful fluorescent clock dial display; and environmental protection and low energy consumption of product design, the Patriot all-weather frame monthly electricity consumption is only 1.35 degrees, never need to disconnect the power.

Recently, the reporter visited Beijing Shuangan shopping malls, department store and Su Ning electrical part of the store, find a lot of people to buy the Patriot all-weather photo frame. Clothing fashion Miss Lee said:" I would like attention of digital stuff, then see patriot this DPF618has two kinds of modes of day and night, mother day can see my photo, the evening can take it as a night clock, and the brightness is not a bit of rest, the body is also exquisite fashion, mother must be love".

Su Ning electrical Liujiayao shop, fahter daythe reporter saw a pair of many years old 30couples are buying patriot all-weather frames, wherein said:" for several years before mother's day this year is to send carnation, ready for a gift, the all-weather frames can put family photos together in, especially mother and mother-in-law always want to grandson, this can be used to put a few photos of the children, so prepare to mother and mother-in-law each buy one, so they can see it every day a grandson, also a filial manner".