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My flower

The day before yesterday, and colleagues said iris color, I don't know, I kind of iris is the traditional purple, back in the evening, but have seen purple bud.When iris implicitly watching this spring, like a shy girl, mother dayeven though she wore a spring green, dancing in the wind with its green sleeves, also cannot see her beauty.
Have nothing to say, there are flowers will open. In the iris half and half closed eyes, takes out a pair of spring with independent attitude, to me such a rush to see the result of the person that raise a flower, a little disappointed, some frustration.
I think the flowers and me, I think they would not blossom for me.
In the eve of iris flowers, I gave them watered, sitting on the terrace of the cany chair, looking at the sky, sat until the night black. Suddenly remembered that used in the balcony to clap, so I around the ground. To buried in the soil every applause, go back and forth several trips. In my heart, there is a pleasing, I hope they don't fail me.
When iris really blossom, the purple petals in the wind to see their feeble. Swing, and shy wronged small looked like, let me feel I was asking for too much.
As long as they live, is good.
Why why blossom, blossom in this season?
I am not on how many of them pay, but I look forward to their pride. Such a selfish, about each flower has?
Yes, they do not have to blossom, they live well every day, as long as they are suffused with green is good life.
I don't know iris flower, first from the text as with rave, I always thought that the flowers, placed in the story, on the song, or placed in a noble dream, to deserve the elegant flowers. But my colleagues were brought in to work every day, through the side of the road to find iris, inwardly somewhat disappointing, I thought so noble life, need to be, can not be casually growth in such a free so popular.
Critical character, I thought that was the symbol of class, only the nobility, is fastidious qualification. Time past long ah, my thoughts have changed greatly.
Look much grief at separation and joy in Union,PC remote see enough of dying, see simple, with optional meaning can be lived my whole life, even in the cement seam in, even the broken walls, they can also calm alive, for their simple and calm, my heart full of respect.