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office order feeling elements

The design of the office (a) order feeling elements

In the design of the order, it is to point to the shape of a repeated, the rhythm of the shape of the image,webber manufacturer neize225dw complete and the shape of a concise. The office is also used it to design basic theory to create a quiet, peaceful and clean environment. Sense of order is the office design of a basic elements.

In order to achieve the purpose of office design, involves the face also is very wide, such as office furniture style and colour, the unification of the The layout of structured; Partition size and color of the material level unified; Smallpox smoothness and metope with fancy decoration; Reasonable indoor tonal and people oriented, etc. These are closely related with the order, can say in order in the design of the office plays a key role.

(2) vivid sense

Let the office give a person a kind of vivid sense is also the basic requirement of design, the office environment and lively refers to the office environment is clean and bright color, lamplight decorate reasonable, have enough light, etc, this also is the functional requirement of the office of the decision. In adornment is tonal and lively can give a person a kind of happy mood, give a person a kind of clean feeling, and at the same time, the quick tonal also can be in the day increase indoor daylighting degree.

At present, there are many furniture designers will be taller lightness of green into the office, this kind of design often give a person a kind of good visual effect, so as to create a kind of spring in the air, it is also a vivid sense in indoor creative means.

(3) contemporary feeling

At present, China's many enterprise office, in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas, strengthen democracy management, often USES a Shared space-open type design, the design has become the characteristics of modern new office, it forms the modern office space of the new concept.

The modern office design also pays attention to in the office environment, the natural environment introduces indoor,L-carnitinethe green room inside and outside environment, to bring to life a office environment, this is another feature of modern office.