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official attestation merchandise

Allow a heaven official attestation merchandise to show up in Logitech in response to the Wii wireless keyboard.This is a Wii that the merchandise that acquired the term heaven official attestation will carry on with in the same day to sell to use software 《go shopping the Sen of animal 》Be together carry on selling.《Go shopping the Sen of animal 》can pass the Wi-Fi conjunction of allowing the heaven to play games together with very far friend,wireless keyboards the Wii keyboard can let the exchanges that carries on through a writing chat this time more convenience comfortable.

Wii keyboard in addition to is being like 《go shopping the Sen of animal 》thus of can at can carry on a text to originally input of use in the game, can also use Wii, the message board carries on a text originally importation, and carry on the time that Web browses on the Internet use, htpc Keyboardsthe scope living to use is very wide."Wireless Wii keyboard"'s using principle is to receive a machine to carry on a conjunction by the 2.4 GHz wireless signal and Wii through USB.Deliver distance most grow can reach to 10 meters.Adopt 2 No.3 battery power supplies, the bottom has USB to receive a machine to receive cave slot, not usage can receive together.

"Wireless Wii keyboard" adopts mini 84 key Japanese importation allocationses, in addition to inputing a key with the general PC same mark Huai, and additionally add ←(-)| → (+)| OK| QUIT etc. plate heat exchanger manufacturerand Wii system operation to should of key.The related function has been allowed heaven official attestation and authorization, can well ensure the writing importation and operation compatibility under the game and the system.