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operations will soon expire

McDonald's illegal operations will soon expire dessert pie for packaging
The 315Party of CCTV exposure McDonald's illegal operations, evening custard Hamburg when breakfast sell; employees often change the dessert pie paper packaging labelling time; contaminated beef cake to use.
3/ 15party this evening was held in Beijing. McDonald resigned over the shelf life of food utilization, and even change the time.
Modified time McDonald's Taro pie.
Following is the text of cctv:
This is McDonald's pocket reference manual, Handbook of McDonald's food process and strict operation regulations,maycc12 including each kind of food shelf life and storage location to have detailed provisions, such as lettuce, cucumber slices, various meat products placed in the storage box also has the time, for such a provision, employees receive training in all know this principle. The accuracy of the minutes, is to ensure that McDonald's food appearance, taste and health quality. This thick book quality reference manual, but also fully win the trust of consumers. But the real situation after all how?
It is located in Beijing Sanlitun a McDonald's store, the store of food production lines with two heat insulation box, above all have a form, with different kinds of frying time, when exceeding the prescribed time, the timer will automatically alarm, alarm means the insulation box of food and have a shelf life, expired products should be thrown away. However, when the four storage box are warned, staff on duty and not to the inside of the meat out away. If the goods are still sold out to timing, can repeat timing? Will extend the preservation time? December 1, 2012, staff of frying machine, six minutes into the thermal insulation box. Until fourteen thirty-five, insulation box in the wings still, at this time more than1hours and 24 minutes of insulation. Custard and dismantle the packaging two hour appearance will change, should be discarded, the one ten in the morning, stocked with two already unpacking but not with custard slice, a few hours were still staff with breakfast custard hamburg.
McDonald's all kinds of dessert pie is popular with consumers love, McDonald's stated dessert pie fried 90minutes should sales. Every dessert pie outside has a paper packaging, staff marked by the late selling time, but sometimes found this annotation time can be changed. Originally the expiring dessert pie, a staff for packaging, and postponed for an hour, sometimes employees will dessert pie packaging to replace the new, to write the time sale. In McDonald's Sanlitun operation was such a scene, a bag of rawhide Patty falling scattered on the ground, the employee and pick up. Off the ground beef patties, without any treatment, and was put in the bag for standby. McDonald's had a detailed specification, and one for each of the employees are trained, why will find such a situation? To calculate the cost, quasi - how much cost will be charged to cost. With the shop also has a relationship with the manager,maycc12 bonus and employee analysis have a relationship, you gain is a bonus, you lose the supposed bonus. At noon on March 1, 2012, an employee from a cold storage out of thawed raw plate roast chicken, marked expiration date is February 29th.