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Peking to go on a tour

The Thai flood raises an alarm to is no hindrance Peking to go on a tour
The half happen in Thailand for century the most serious flood disaster, Thailand tour the bureau delivered in a row three safe hint.The reporter understands, Peking leaves for a Tai tour currently the regiment deliver regiment as usual, the tour regiment averted from a flood region.

Recently, Thailand tour bureau Chinese visitor of nation needs  some items understanding  urgently Safety surfaceand releases and"leave for a Tai tours and remind" to call, because of flood reason parts of tourist spots in the department province in the junior high school's have already been temporarily closed,

Chinese visitor's willing go to Thailand in the near future should as far as possible avoid a big city mansion tour, but, go to Bangkok or the tourist spot in other places in Thailand, for example, the Chiang Mai,Stadium seating pure Lai, north bluish green mansion, China Xin and Ba lifts friendship, brave Luo, Phuket, Ka than, plum island in Su still has the south of all opposite safeties in province.

The reporter understands to°from several travel agencies in Peking and leave for a Tai tour currently regiment still just normal regiment, the tourist spot involved is apart from matter hair in the route of travel of Thailand the ground is opposite and farther and be separated matter hair ground at least 3 hours of car distance, visitor the normal regulations circuit of the line didn't be subjected to influence.Currently, the Hong disaster concentration in the region is
HTPC Keyboards in Thai central part, northern etc., while the Chinese visitor leave for Thailand of popular go on a tour a ground of concentration in the south of Thailand.So, Chinese visitor's safety in Thailand temporary didn't be influenced.The Thai airport opens as usual currently