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Please be sure to cherish her

A person, a cigarette, in a cold room, listening to a sad song, imagining some" once", to comfort a tired and lonely heart. Writing of every section of the beautiful but always could not be fixed,
maycc12leaving pain continues its raging. 30546_394

Turn around, the land war --.When I feel the hand has become accustomed to luxury, once feel insipid food can only use slobber aftertaste, once feel embrace only in a dream to find, once feel least" husband " and "wife" call only at the empty walls echoed, ever feel a nag over turn over small dogskin plaster, now only to own shadow when.

I finally know: the human world of the most painful thing is so. It we have a time that is too natural, habits, and even to pay attention to it is not normal. But once trust is lost, you suddenly find, side of the" habit" "flat,"" the most casual" already imperceptibly, quietly walked into your heart, into your life the most important, most can not give a part.

Remember she had numerous asked me, maycc12she is it right?" The love in my heart". I look the other way, it is because I really don't know the answer, but do not want to cheat her blandishments. But now my heart has never been lost, tore heart pulled lobar pain tell me: Yes, she is my true love. Worth to cry, to laugh, live for it, die for the love"". Although I do not believe, do not believe in fate.

But I still want to thank them, is that they have to have this" love" to the front of me, let me know, thorough understanding of bottom that everyone seemed to know, have, but actually very few people can really understand, l-carnitine seemingly" habit"" dull"" the most casual" -- that is called" love".

Have the time please taste it, and please be sure to cherish her.