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Practical life of small secret

In 1, CD maintenance. Beloved music CD accidentally scratching, often affect the playing effect, there is no method can make CD reply original beautiful melody? The method is very simple, as long as the oily pen to scratches can be, Landscape product dab2d12ck not what color of the pen can be oily. The station 's staff know the open secret, but for the deep scratches, this approach is not very good!
2, silk pillow hair deformation. Each of the girls has the worry, is not easy to do hair salon, after waking up, the hair on the deformation of the! In fact, this situation is preventable, just before bed pillows spread in a smooth texture of the scarf, so, will not clutter up the hair, and can keep beautiful hairstyle!
In 3, the treatment of acne. To the supermarket to buy in Semen Cassiae, after dinner every day bubble drink, then disappear blain child, abdominal plain, weight loss.
4, remove comedones method. On the nose blackhead acne is not elegant, hand to squeeze and often leave traces, can in fact after washing the face, fingers stained with some fine salt in on both sides of the nose gently rub, then rinse rinse, blackhead will clean the pores become too small.
5, hair dryer easy to label. Buy a gift to give, the price tag is difficult to tear, babyclothwear using hand to dig will pull the black dirty but more ugly, if use the hair dryer blowing hot again tear, will be very easily torn off, leave no trace!
6, take a shower before wound plaster cream. Take a shower, as if cut, hit the water, will be very painful, and inflammation will not care, then can be applied on the wounds of oily substance, such as face cream, isolated with water, also will not hurt!
7, how to identify the eggs? Eggs used as lighting, small shorts, egg completely lucent, with orange eggs, no spots, no red shadow. If the fresh eggs to be measured, can be immersed in cold water in the egg. If the egg is lying in the water, that is very fresh; if the tilt in the water, the egg is at least for 3~5 days; if the sum of upright in the water, tin manufactory can be stored for 10 days. In addition, if the egg floating on the surface, then the egg is very likely to have a degenerate.