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Some affairs

Some affairs, during a lifetime persistence so once, already all right already
I am just an accident for you;You for me, but is a love.A person from think deep-rooted recollection, the other people have already forgotten.Some people's in love, only fell in love with"be in love".-With single mind isn't that lifetime likes a person, is the time that likes a person of one heart and mind.

Always think, we love a someone very much, meeting whole life one loves bottoms to go and goes under etc., until the vicissitudes of life changes countenance, the seas dry up and rocks crumble.When owners all tell us, not want to keep a fan, he in fact has no your imagination of well, but we, would rather believe oneself gives his/her own weave of nursery tale, also not wish to believe the person nearby say.

Always think, fall in love with a person,interior design we must are during a lifetime constant heart, always think we is can wait until as in in of the fate weigh to meet once again.A long distance opportunity front line leads long and is to the utmost cloud and mist to spread and be 2 mutually hand over line to shunt, we just know their ourselves however is an authorities fan.
Always think that oneself loves a someone very much, loving will do anything for him and love gorgeous background to descend until you that records to fall Mo ground to turn round.Who don't love first, who leave first.Always feel, the first person who turns round is the best and looking at the person of favourite to far go, we think to is a lifetime, this lifetime, he, in addition to him, we who can't love again.

Heart already to feelings numbness, the tears have been already to the utmost flow and also have what is oneself should have been firmly standing by, always waiting?Some things, probably didn't be like we imagine so fine, we also didn't be like their wes to imagine of so weak.

Ask 1, lose him, do you really die?Probably that a moment yes, but ten divas, and 100 divas after several years?A certain, you suddenly wake up, probably you will think by yourself, why, oneself ever and so could not let go, why, would we so want to die not to live at that time?

In fact, we love of just a kind of mood.Come such as all flowers bright, go to spread to the utmost such as the tea Tu.What we loathed to give up isn't another, is just meaningless unwilling.Why, when I still love you you but don't love first?Why, at the beginning do you so love me now but become so apathetic?While asking oneself's those words in heart bottom, in fact we are no longer purely loving this person, we just fell in love with own unwilling.Have no an inside personal pleased worse than other people, who all hope that own everything is all beautiful, no man can compare.

We think the innocent love of prince's princess and forgot, we are in fact lifes in the reality, a lot of affairs have to build up at reality of foundation up.Fall in love with a person, we in fact fall in love with a kind of felling, only he then can give of felling.Don't love a person, be because of feeling have no.festival city iiDon't love be don't love, forcing oneself again didn't also use.

If ask you, what will you think of the person whom the love once led?Can't definitely be a pledge of eternal love, what to have is in fact more very small details.Coax you, protect you, painful you, may also because a misunderstanding, once in a very long while not come to ground to wait for at a time.

We say that wait a person, in fact etc. of is no longer this person, just a kind of mood, unwilling suddenly at of the person said leaving and then leaving.If he re- comes back, you, also just as since toward ground everything that love him, forgive him?Don't so and with ease say, the heart using you says, you, really?

Sink in feelings can not from pull out of did you , in the season for breaking up, really comprehend?To the person ever, probably you really once loved, but you however is loved the figure that wasn't likely to get have already canned not understand with that of recollection.So, why not choose to now let go of, because of, we hope by ourselves ourselves are happy, we want to help wes by ourselves happy ……

This article has been liking very much and put in the preliminary draft box for a long time and again sees today, with first sight this article of time mood greatly and not and same alike, probably, time, church in the head quarter we grow up.The one day there will doesn't need the solution of advising of other people, don't need to be forgotten intentionally, affair have, we are true of let go of so.