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ST Furi

ST Furi : LED concept then imposing green photo prospect company is the electronic information industry in Fujian Province backbone enterprises, took control of LED core technology,led grow lights   energy-saving lighting lighting company future growth, and the company has asset integration possible.

In energy saving and emission reduction policy drive below, "low carbon economy " to obtain the opportunity of rapid development, especially the green lighting is more Zheng Fu attention. Recently the concept of new energy stocks continued active in the capital market,taylor made suits  such as the FSL (000541 ), Vosges shares (002083 ), Wright (002076 ), windsurfing shares (600482 ), such as Zhejiang sunshine again today contrarian strong. New energy and industrial structural adjustment as the birth of the investment opportunities, the market has become a hype ideas. Therefore, suggested that pays attention to electronics (600203 ), the company control of LED core technology, the market has become a number of LED industry leader in the industry have obvious advantages.LED Lights Supplier

Control of LED core technology energy saving lighting lighting future
The company has a provincial-level technology center, is the Guo jia863 program NC application demonstration units and 863NC alliance's main sponsors, Office Furniture Desk has strong research and technological development capability, product technology content is high. Company control of LED core technology, the market has become a number of LED industry leader in the industry have obvious advantages. Data shows, company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the country voted high-tech start-up companies to set up a joint Fujian Furi division optoelectronic companies. The company will invest GaN high brightness chip and light emitting device project by semiconductor of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of GaN high brightness material of powerful technical strength, the current photoelectric materials are becoming the important profit source of growth. LED semiconductor lighting technology is a typical energy-saving environmental protection industry, with Guo Jia Industry Guide. The company has successfully developed high-power LED street lamps and LED lamp products, the current of high-power 150WLED street lamp products have been adopted by the province with a number of testing agencies test, in 2009 October has been applied to the "ten city lights" demonstrative project, installation in Fuzhou Jinshan District Road demonstration, has formed a production capacity ; new product of insecticidal lamp the project has been declared Guo Jia and Fujian Province procurement directory, and a number of patent applications, for the company's future development lay a good foundation. At the same time, the company also increase the packaging production line technological transformation input, to the LED lighting throughout the industrial chain extension. Therefore, with the wide application of green lighting, the company's LED products market demand rises steadily, Tin Box the green lighting industry prospects will be very broad