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Zhen difficult sleep

The Gu Zhen difficult sleep
Today is the third day that you leave to a house

Get married from us till nowProduction Housedon't one day disappear noodles for 6 years
This so disappears for several days for the first time

I finally knew now what am called to disappear on the first if separate the meaning of three seasons

Don't dare to announce not to want to make more people know my true feelings in the QQ space

You know all right already

I have already missed you to really miss you

Only use a to be subjected to song to express me for remembering fondly you now

(The Gu Zhen difficult sleep)bridgestone

I miss you of dark night I miss you of facial appearance

Anti- again and again reply Gu of the Zhen difficult sleep

Tell me that that you are similar doesn't become sleep

Tell me that you also hope that I appear
wireless keyboards

Tell me you are also frightened lonesome

The husband missed you, you could listen to of arrive?

Must look after good oneself in the outside

I know that your pressure is very big

MotoGPThis time relax well

I wait mind and bodies to all relax of you

Don't to oneself too big pressure

I deplore greatly, I deplore greatly

The day in nowadays I satisfy very much, really contented

As long as you have you, I what all not concerned